I have had lots of questions regarding whether or not HRI will be able to see my data. I certainly understand this concern. You work so hard to get your customers! Well, we agree, those customer make your business. HRI wants to protect that. In fact, HRI and ServiceMonster will never solicit to your customers. They’re yours, do what you want with them. Export them if you want. There yours. Now, keep in mind, we all work hard to get a customer, we want to keep them in the Brand. If a franchise down the street is terminated for whatever reason or expires, we want to keep those customers in the brand, those clients in the system. We want to protect the Brand that so many of us have worked so hard to keep clean. This would allow us to have another Franchise service them, or provide that list to a new owner. HRI’s business is helping you sell more products. We want you to have more clients and we are doing everything possible to make that happen. We are creating tools to simple help you manage those clients.

Ok, with the customer list aside, we are working on roll up reports that will tell us how we are doing collectively as a company. Reports that say, here is how many carpets were cleaned in the Month of January, or the whole year… What was the average job ticket this month collectively, maybe regionally? What was the total revenue of Commercial or Residential jobs this month? This data is key to knowing the health of our business. Without access to that type of information will not be able to make key decisions in our business. Now we can be all-in and make decisions bases off data instead of speculation.

Remember, we are all in this together. I am here to help and there are many others that want to see you succeed. Lets win this together!


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