To set up notifications, simple go to the Company tab and then under Management, click on “Employees / Users”. Then click on the user that you would like to set up. On the Detail tab for the Employee, and under the Email Settings section, enter in a valid email address and select the Job Notifications you prefer either for all schedule changes or just the jobs that you are assigned to. Once selected, click Save. Now, you need to make sure you or a technician is assigned to a job on the schedule. To set this up by default, go to the “Routes” section also under Management in the Company tab. Click on a route name and under the Detail tab you can set up the default Technician or Technicians. Under the Advanced tab you can schedule when say a different Tech is going to be the default Technician for a day or Date Range. Make sure to click save once you have this set up. Keep in mind, you can change this at any time.


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